Richmond CenterStage's BrightLights Education Initiative

The BrightLights Education Initiative works to fulfill a core mission of Richmond CenterStage by creating transformational arts education opportunities for students of all ages throughout the Richmond region. The goal of the education program is to coordinate and develop systems and model arts education partnerships that build equity-based services at a regional level. Over time, CenterStage will provide other education opportunities that build upon the rich artistic heritage and the resources of other cultural institutions in our region.

What is "arts education," and why is it important?
Arts education is more than just learning to play an instrument; it is using the arts to enhance academic achievement and to equip students for success in life. Extensive research has shown that people can use the arts to learn all types of subject matter. Think about how you learned the alphabet. You learned the alphabet by singing a song. The same idea can be applied to all kinds of learning – using poetry to learn about the Civil Rights movement or performing on a stage to develop good public speaking skills. Arts education comes in many different forms, and the BrightLights Education Initiative plans to use those methods to help students across our region reach their full potential.

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